THE AVISTA OIL AG Management team


AVISTA OIL AG includes management functions to support the five core businesses and the long-term development of the circular business model. This setup enables the core businesses of used oil, refining, blending & filling, sales and the AVIeco2 concept to concentrate on their tasks. Their overall task is to keep AVISTA OIL together and lead them beyond the current business model, to further develop the value chain in the long term.

Members of the Executive Board

Marc Verfürth

Marketing & Sales| Logistics | Procurement

Benedikt Fuhlrott

Finance & Taxes | Human Resources | IT | Compliance

Dr. Detlev Bruhnke

Technology | Production | Development | QM



AVISTA OIL AG, located in Germany, is a Holding Company. Marc Verfürth is the CEO. The management team is overseen by a Supervisory Board. 

It's members are:

Dr. Andreas Weinberger (Chairman)

Thorsten Drosch

David Schwalje

Andreas Osbar

Dr. Hans-Gerd Wienands