Welcome to AVISTA OIL Group

AVISTA OIL AG is the holding company in the oil industry, which combines used oil collection, rerefining and lubricant refinement with the circular business model.         Where sustainability begins... and never ends

World leader in used oil collection & processing  |   Lubricant blending  |   Sustainable oil  |  750 employees  |  Positioned globally  |  Activities in more than 60 markets  |  3 rerefineries  |  8 collection sites  |  Products & technology made in Germany    


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[a term from the Romance language family describing an outlook, encompassing something forward-looking, oriented towards the future and long-term]

The sustainable Heavyweight of Rerefining

We are more than just an oil disposal company, a refinery or a producer of lubricants. We are all in one!

We are the heavyweight in the oil treatment industry, because no one collects more used oil, refines more base oil and produces more sustainable lubricants at the same time than AVISTA OIL.

Innovation, courage, and the belief that sustainable oil is the right one

As early as 1951, Dollbergen [Germany] began to think about the future of oil in a sustainable way. A group of pioneers, courageous entrepreneurs, have decided to find innovative solutions to society's problems. Raw materials were scarce, so new ways had to be found to meet society's needs for lubricants. Today we are Europe's most important company in circular value creation in the used oil sector and a pioneer of sustainable development.

Sustainability is the cornerstone of our circular business model

As a group of companies, we bear a great deal of responsibility towards the environment, our employees and society and are aware of this. Our philosophy is to act as sustainably as possible in all areas. This starts with our circular business model, continues with resource-saving technology and extends to our commitment to the well-being of our employees. Therefore, we carry the principles of sustainability into all business areas: Because our world deserves respect!

Our core business - a never-ending cycle of lubricants

More than ten subsidiaries / affiliated companies are bundled under AVISTA OIL AG, which take over all areas of disposal and logistics of used oils, re-refining and lubricant production through to distribution. With 750 employees in Europe and USA, we are the leading company in used oil processing with an annual processing capacity of almost 500,000 tons. We see ourselves as a technology leader in production of high-quality base oils and lubricants from used oils.


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...achieved since 2005 compared to primary refining*

*2005 year of introduction of the ESR technology